Shaddi Hasan Shaddi Hasan

I am an incoming assistant professor of computer science at Virginia Tech, starting in Fall 2021. I completed my PhD at UC Berkeley in 2019, where I worked in the Technology and Infrastructure for Emerging Regions group with Eric Brewer. My research interests are in networks, ICTD, HCI, and distributed systems.

My research addresses fundamental scale and flexibility challenges faced by service provider networks. I build operational, deployable systems to democratize access networks and evaluate them through real-world deployments and fieldwork, informed by qualitative research with users and network operators. In doing so, my work both enables new classes of service providers to exist and expands the frontiers of the Internet beyond what is achievable today, providing more equitable access to communications, especially in rural and developing regions. My research has appeared in venues such as ICTD, SIGCOMM, and NSDI. I have received an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and paper awards at NSDI, ACM DEV, and IEEE DySPAN.

In 2014, I co-founded Endaga (press), which joined Facebook in 2015. I am currently a software engineer at Facebook Connectivity.

I graduated in 2010 from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where I worked with Kevin Jeffay and Jay Aikat on realistic generation of Internet traffic.

Here's my CV.

Selected Publications


I put most everything I write on Github. Magma is an open-source distributed LTE core network and platform for building open and flexible access networks that I helped start at Facebook. I am one of the core developers of Community Cellular Manager (github), the software we developed at Endaga and Facebook for running community cellular networks. I used to maintain Orangemesh, a web-based mesh network management tool.

I host maps of spectrum availability for the EBS Tribal Priority Filing Window. Talk to my friends at MuralNet to learn more!


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2202 Kraft Dr.,
Blacksburg, VA 24060


How to say my name

My name is pronounced "SHA-dee" (IPA: /ʃædi/), which rhymes with "daddy" or "caddy". In particular, it does not rhyme with "shoddy", "shady", or "shad-eye". Perhaps surprisingly, saying my name with a southern (American English) accent will get you quite close to the proper pronunciation.